What is Fasting?

Fasting; fasting it’s just denying yourself of pleasure of the flesh to be with the Lord.

Fasting is just being out of your body to be in the Spirit with the Lord Jesus. It first starts with our mind, when we keep the focus on our Lord and Master Jesus in communion or in fellowship with Him: starving the carnal things of the body through the mind to be with the Lord.

Yes, abstaining from food on such special occasions is very important but that’s never the ultimate, the ultimate is just denying the flesh of its desires and being with the Lord. That’s why as believers or lovers of Christ, by all means at all times, we need to create avenues for fasting (just being with the Lord).

Christianity in itself is a fasting life because of the denial of oneself never to be isolate or doing something with someone but to be with the Lord. That’s important and the ultimate. They prove that we are or have being with the Lord is when we know and hear His voice. We can only hear His voice in His presence: His presence in our hearts manifesting in the world around us.

Fasting is just like prayer. Yes, separating yourself, to a desolate place not eating is very important and as time demands, the Lord will be calling for that but for now, we should be able to live a fasted life – always in denial with the flesh to pleasing the Father even with our words and deeds. Food is what nourishes our bodies, so, that is why going hungry to seeking the Lord epitomizes fasting.


By Deacon Emmanuel Doe

Teens Pastor (NGC – Next Generation Church)

Victory Bible Church International – Rhema Sanctuary, Accra – Kotobabi


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