How to Get Closer to God through Fasting

Being in the presence of the Lord should be our prime or priority in life as believers. Thus, with that mindset and desire or yearning in our hearts, it’s going to cause us automatically to make us live a fasted life. If too much food enslaves the body, you being in tune with the Holy Ghost even concerning the amount of food you take even is a way of fasting or honoring the Lord.

If the first point of honour is listening, then fasting honors the Lord because you will surely hear and perform what He tells you – listening. Events where we see ourselves as believers, let’s endeavor to be fasting machines – denying the pleasures of the flesh to be with the Lord.

Being or even walking in that consciousness alone is a plus to our Christian walk and draws us closer to our Lord Jesus, because He’s our ultimate. The author and the perfector of our faith. Fasting is just any activity to deny the flesh of it’s pleasures to be with the Lord Jesus.

Going hungry 6 – 6 is also important but that’s never the reason, the reason is just being with Lord. So you denying your sleep, to be with Lord is fasting, you denying the telephone or television to be with the Lord is fasting, denying yourself even sex from your wife to be with the Lord is also fasting.

You might be at a place or with some friends talking, when you sense the Lord wants or needs to speak to you, you denying the flesh or your friends to be with the Lord alone is fasting. Yes, in such periods we need to appear to the Lord with burdens in our hearts but we need also to have an open heart for Him and willing and submissive heart so that we can be chastised in His presence.

Like we need to be near unto Him so He can boldly direct us or tell us whatever He has for us because He’s mind is always higher than ours. As we have been able to establish the above definition of fasting, fasting should be an everyday life for the believer, not the day we are born, January or any special day, in fact, the Lord is in everyday to the believer that’s why He said “this’ the day the Lord has made, let’s rejoice and be glad in it”.

Notwithstanding, abstaining from food is also very necessary for discipline and that’s also helps us to connect to the God of glory very quick. Going literally hungry also has a way of taking the flesh in it’s on way for the Spirit to dominate.

By Deacon Emmanuel Doe

Teens Pastor (NGC – Next Generation Church)

Victory Bible Church International – Rhema Sanctuary, Accra – Kotobabi

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