Footballers and Fans On Their Wall to Hell


On 24th November 2011, in the afternoon after I had come home from school, I found myself taken to hell by the LORD to be shown various things.

This is not the first time I have been taken to hell, I have had other encounters, and however this particular visit is different as it has many warnings to people who are still on earth.

It is my prayer that all who read or listen to this testimony would take it serious and make sure they avoid hell at all cost and align themselves under the Lordship of the Lord Jesus Christ and prepare for His Coming.


I was then shown many teams and their supporters on their way to hell through the tunnels. The first team I saw was Chelsea Football Club, they were being led by Ivanovic, and followed by the other players in a straight line.

They all had divers’ items in their hands; some had incense, oil, sacred rings and other things. I was then shown how all those who followed and supported this team with their hearts, were all following them in the tunnel to hell fire.
I was then shown Ronaldino and certain young boys in the age range of 8- 13 years.

These boys were learning to play like him. I then saw a strange looking demon, in the various forms, namely form of a woman, a monkey and had wings like a bat. This is the demon that helps him to play well. So when these boys started rehearsing, this demon manifests and enters them. I saw him and all his fans, supporters and the boys who are seeking to play like him walking in the tunnel on their way to hell.

The next football star I saw was Kaka. He had a bible in his right hand and a football in the left hand. I then saw a demon come to him, and told him “follow me and I would show you the path of lie”. This demon then took the bible and placed it in his left hand and the football in his right hand.

Sadly, this demon was leading him to hell too. I then saw a man who told him in Portuguese that you can be a Christian but everything you want to do in football I would do it for you. This man then did some rituals and a demon appeared, then he put some liquid upon his head and the demon entered into him. He then began to play skillfully.

I saw Brazilian teenage footballers all following him to hell.
I was then shown some people who were walking silently to hell, and they were the Brazilian football teams. I asked the Lord Jesus, what have they done and he said it is because of idolatry.

This because Football is a god and those who support it will eventually end up in hell. I then saw Pele went into a cemetery at night to invoke a demon, this demon came to the players and strange oil was rubbed on them and were asked not to touch any woman. Then I saw a strange demon, with the head of a man, but the body of calf. This demon was leading the team including the old players like Pele and others. I also saw the majority of Brazilians following them silently to hell because of the passion for football.

I saw many footballers using rings, special oils, and other occult paraphernalia to ply their trade. However the sad thing is, all these players were walking straight to hell together with their supporters.

I saw the France football team also being led by Zidane and other former players. Their fans and supporters were all following them to hell and after this, I then saw the Egyptian national team being led by Abutreka and all were on their way to hell as well. The team was being led two demons in the form of cows. The major demon which helped them win the African Cup of Nations seven times was Osiris.

I was then shown all the teams of the world including the National team of Ghana, the Black Stars being followed by their supporters and fans. I then asked the Lord Jesus why is it so, and He said because they all belong to the enemy and are involved into the occult practices. Then the Lord said “I should warn that no one who is into occult can come to His kingdom”. I saw all the football clubs arranged in levels on their way to hell silently and followed closely by their fans.

All the young boys who are following the professional footballers were all following them to hell. Some of these boys do not go to the fetish themselves, but their teachers and coaches go for the occult powers and give them the items and instructions on what to do.


I was then shown two Christian teams playing a football match, and demons came there in the form of bears to sit and watch the match. They were so happy and waving. Other demons also appeared from the ground to manipulate the match as though they were the coaches and even when Christians where playing a match, the demons had a right to be present, because football is a game which was designed by Lucifer to deceive many into hell.

I then saw a different church match and one man went to consult occult to win the match. He was given a clock to go to cemetery to sleep there from 12 midnight till 6am. He then placed the clock near the opposing churches pole so they would win the match. The other team too had a man go to another fetish who gave him a strange liquid which he sprinkled on their jerseys. The demons then possessed the players and they played by the power of dwarfs on the field.

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